I am making a-game-a-week(ish).
These will be short prototypes, very unpolished, probably broken.

A maze game.


The game:

It's been a very busy couple of weeks, so I'm lagging behind the game-a-week project.

So, rather than start something longer, this is a quick 2-and-a-bit hour project.

Idea from Orteil's game idea generator:

"An artsy game where you wander in search of colors with no interactivity whatsoever"

A maze game. Find the colours. The colours propagate through walls and floors. It's very boring, unless you like mazes. But it is a game. Technically.

Something with a bit more to it next time, hopefully

Maze designs taken from: http://thenerdshow.com/amaze.html

The engine:

DungeonScript is PuzzleScript (as last time for CMYK) but in 3D.

I'll likely return to Dungeon / PuzzleScript at a later date. But this was just an opportunity to quickly learn DungeonScript's additions to PuzzleScript and at least knock something out this week...


A game where you wander in search of colors with no interactivity.txt 14 kB